Spider Veins

Get Rid of Spider Veins, Today!!

North Shore Vein Center - Call Now! 516-487-1902Spider veins are clusters of blue and red veins, which look like a spider web. An estimate that over 50% of Americans, male and female, have spider veins. While most people with spider veins are over 40, younger people can have them too.

The look of spider veins is the reason most people want them removed. They are also symptomatic of other issues – Aching, itching or burning at the site of spider veins is reason to contact a vein professional to have them looked at and removed.

John Tomasula MD FACS uses Sclerotherapy and Laser Therapy as treatments for removal spider Veins. Ultrasound guided Sclerotherapy works with the use of Asclera®, a prescription medicine, that is injected into the vein to seal off and shut down the unneeded vein.

There is no downtime after sclerotherapy. You can continue your daily schedule after the procedure we just ask that for the next 2 to 3 days you avoid:
– Heavy Exercise
– Long Plane Flights
– Sunbathing
– Hot Bath/Saunas

If you have spider veins, call to set up a FREE Consultation with Dr Tomasula at 516-487-1902.